Thank you for your purchase. Here are some tips for caring for your leather garment:

Leather garments should not be washed as if they were textile clothing. When the garments are subjected to water for a long time or to intense heat as in dry cleaners, leather garments suffer severe damage; they may shrink, discolor or become stiff. Motorcycle jackets whose protections are attached should not be taken to the dry cleaner for any reason.

Do not take your garment to a dry cleaner, do it only when they guarantee in writing that they will deliver your garment in perfect condition.

If for any reason your garment has been exposed to water for a long time, let it dry in the shade in a cool and ventilated place. If the garment has become very stiff, rub it on itself with little force.

Leather garments are only washed superficially with a soft sponge, pumpkin soap and a little water to moisten the sponge or flannel (care must be taken that the flannel does not stain or discolor). Wash your garment in sections, gently rubbing the sponge over a small area and after cleaning, pat dry with a flannel and continue to the next section.

Leather garments tend to absorb pungent odors such as cigarettes, colognes, or perfumes. So that the garment loses the smell that by use acquires the best way to combat it is to let it air in the shade for a short time.

With friction, garments can become discolored or suffer scratches, the best way to cover these details is buying specialized products to repair the skin, some products are based on pigment that can be bought in mainly brown and black colors. They must make sure that the products are not greasy or that their use is exclusively for footwear, otherwise their garment will acquire the smell of shoes.

When the skin loses its shine, buy specialized silicone-based products that are used exclusively for leather goods. This class of products can be spread with a soft sponge all over your garment, rubbing gently until the product is absorbed by the skin.

Try to keep your garment in a cool place, and give it maintenance occasionally, because in some cases when the garment has been stored for a long time without being used it can generate moisture (it becomes opaque or whitish), when this occurs it is recommended that you rub it With a soft flannel your garment or with a specialized cream based on silicones.

The products that you should avoid putting on your leather item at all costs are; gasoline, alcohol, thinner, inks like the one used for pens. These products are erroneously used with terrible results.